FS:maxi50cc cyl/SHA/intake/jets/pipe $140shipped

just kitted my bike to 65cc, so i have some leftover parts, trying to put money into a new build... here's what the package includes:

stock 50cc puch cylinder

stock 50cc piston w/ rings, wristpin, and clips...

"this":http://www.treatland.tv/puch-15mm-long-square-port-intake-p/puch-long-sha-intake.htm"; intake

"15.15 dellorto SHA carb":http://www.treatland.tv/dellorto-SHA-15-15-carburetor-p/dellorto-sha-15.15-lever-carb.htm (i'll even throw in some 60s range jets)

"stock puch cigar pipe (derestricted)":http://www.treatland.tv/puch-maxi-chrome-stock-pipe-tecno-p/puch-maxi-stock-pipe.htm

unused ngk b5hs plug (and a few still usable plugs)

all parts are in great shape, i just wanted more power cuz its really hilly here in central MA...

MUST BE SOLD ALTOGETHER.. i need money for a new build...

my paypal is my email... i always ship as soon as money is received via usps... thanks for looking!

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