wtb minarelli/pryer parts

looking for a fan for the magneto on my v1 and misc. trike parts...not even sure what all i'm missing i know i need a basket or something for the back although i might just make that. im gonna post a picture of what i have thus far in a couple hours.

Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

Trike Pic


Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

make sure u get the right fan. they come in different sizes, as i found out when i got one off of here.

Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

cev flywheel/magneto i believe thnx for the heads up

Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

Timmy Southpark /

do you ever come to cincinnati? I have a basket & my buddy has some misc pieces to a trike. what are you looking for?

Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

i don't really go to cincinatti very often. i might be able to get down there on friday evening between 8 and 9(pm) depending on whats going on at work and so on. im just looking for the basket and odds and ends like the little 3-wheeler sign that attaches to the front fender.(mine is really worn)

Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

You are missing a large basket (see pic of one of my old trikes)

I have seen some folks attach a large cooler instead, or custom build a lockable trunk. Later Pryers had a nice fiberglas lockable trunk but yours def. had a basket


Re: wtb minarelli/pryer parts

DAM' Fairchild /

that cap in the frame below the tank is for the oil. these were oil injected,and the cap is a real bitch to get off,use a flat head to pry it up,its not threaded.i have one of these bikes,i am against oil injection but minarelli performs great with it. it is so nice to pull up to a gas station and pump gas right into it.let me know if you need a oil injected v1. as for the fender crest your best bet would be restore the one you have or search ebay for fender crest.

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