For sale: Tomos streetmate parts (2007) CHEAP


ive come to fruition all the losers who talk crap dont deserve a response, therefore im not looking at the thread any longer.

First off, whoever is going to come to this forum and try to flame me, just buzz off no one is interested in your opinion.

I parted out a 2007 streetmate about a year ago, sold many of the parts and started getting flamed by tons of people on this site so I left. I was in my basement a few weeks ago and found a box with some random parts left over.

I;ve got:

Stock airbox

Rear axle with nuts, bushings, and washers

Front brake hydraulic master cylinder (just the cylinder, no cable, or handle)

2 rear sprockets- 31 tooth

1 rear sprocket- 24 tooth (has a slightly smaller center, wouldnt fit streetmate rear wheel)

I've got a couple extra sets of blinker wires, orange blinker covers, gas cap, and oil tank cap.

automatic oiler (from A55 engine)

Ill sell it all shipped for $50.00 to anywhere in the lower 48 states. I am paypal verified and confirmed. email if interested. Im not checking the forum as there are many rude people around.

(to the loser who sent a letter to the high school i used to attend, HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAA, both my parents and the principle laughed when they read it) so thanks for that one slick ;)

Thanks :)


Re: For sale: Tomos streetmate parts (2007) CHEAP


Re: For sale: Tomos streetmate parts (2007) CHEAP

Andrew Squiggman /

part out that Camaro yet?

Re: For sale: Tomos streetmate parts (2007) CHEAP

Just don't mention lavender plants around him, lol...

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Re: For sale: Tomos streetmate parts (2007) CHEAP

Andrew Squiggman /

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