For Sale: 1984 Yamahopper

I have a 1984 Yamaha, "Yammahopper" QT50 for sale. New seat cover, rust free gas tank, new fuel petcock and fuel line. New front brake cable, spark plug and battery. I cleaned the carburetor (as well as the entire bike) and the engine shows very little signs of wear. The clutch pads are still in good shape. The bike idles well (even in cold Vermont temps) and runs great. All electrical is working properly and it is road ready! I have the original owners manual (and a reprinted repair guide to go along with it). No title, but most states only require a bill of sale for bikes this old to be registered if it even needs to be. I knew the original owner who recently passed on and bought it from a friend of his who had it registered in VT for a year, have that reg card too! There is very little rust. I refuse to part this bike out! It is almost complete and it will stay that way as long as i own it! But (one could easily get $600 parting this bike) Only thing missing is a few stickers and right side engine cover (It's the hardest part to find for QT50 models).

I am asking $450.00. Email me with questions or serious purchase inquires.


Re: For Sale: 1984 Yamahopper

I am going to check shipping cost.

Could you send me the zip code in Vermont?

I am near Louisville Kentucky.

Thanks, Kevin

Re: For Sale: 1984 Yamahopper

VT zip here is 05743. I have more pics. If you're interested email me.

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