WTB/T: QT50 Ignition Coil

I don't need the mounting bracket, just the coil and spark plug wire with boot.

Shipped to 74127

also have a ton of parts to trade.

Lots of Puch and Moby plus assorted others.



Re: WTB/T: QT50 Ignition Coil


Re: WTB/T: QT50 Ignition Coil

New ignition coils are available from ricky stator. I just got one for 25 and free ship.... Just FYI

Re: WTB/T: QT50 Ignition Coil

Matt Smith /

i am looking for a qt50 coil on ricky stator, i don't see one.

can you point me to thre correct one?


will this one from a pw50 work?


http://www.yamahasportsplaza.com/pages/OemParts#/Yamaha/PW50_-_PW50Y_-_2009/ELECTRICAL_1/PW50Y_(2009_MOTORCYCLE)/ELECTRICAL_1_(PW50Y_-_2009 )


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