babetta jawa parts need head

have a 207 engine on this jawa. spark is weak and intermitten. the spark plug threads on the head are stripped. has the older style red plastic tranzimo thing. might take an entire 207 engine with electronics if the price is right bob barker style.

Re: babetta jawa parts need head

I have a couple of 207's ready to rock. What will you give for them. I cleaned them up to go in another jawa, but I never found one in a year so I am ready to pass them on.

Re: babetta jawa parts need head


i have a complete, ready to go, rebuilt Jawa 207

new seals, gaskets and bearings.

you keep your cylinder/piston/ igntion and i ship the short block

and you send me your old block

cash plus your core


wanna trade your 207s for one completely rebuilt 207

dont you have 2 of those motors?

straight up trade

as you can tell i am sorta flush with 207 motors

Re: babetta jawa parts need head

will prob rip this apart over the weekend to make sure everything else is good to go. hate having to ship multiple single items. thanks leo but im looking forward to rebuilding the bottom end on this. my first 207 type so I feel the need to see the guts. ive been tinkering for about a year now trying to cover the span of moped models and small hondas. interesting how they all work different to achieve the same thing.

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