WTB: nice magnum seat/cover & frame guard &amp


i'm doing a full cleanup/resto on my magnum XK...the bike's SUPER clean under all the dust and grime, but i need a few things to make it presentable. i need:

-a super nice original whole seat or just seat cover (my pan and foam are fine but the cover is trashed...the bike was near open flames at one point and it completely ruined the upholstery) my trunk is fine and complete, only need the seat cover or preferably just a solid whole seat with pan.

doesnt need to be COMPLETELY perfect, if there is a minor flaw or two thats ok but it needs to be pretty damn good. the bikes not flawless, just a clean, original magnum with a few nicks here and there, so some minor evidence of use is totally cool.

-frame chain guard (the little plastic thing by the left-hand pedal shaft that the chain can rub on, its held on to the frame with two screws. not a sidecover. you know what im talking about.)

-extra dent and hole-free tank. i dont care if its rough looking or kinda rusty inside just as long as it would look good painted. my tank is nearly perfect and original, but if i end up going a different route with this bike i'd like to keep the OG tank in original shape while having an alternate tank to paint to my liking.

if anybody has something reply in this thread or email me at Ataru67@aol.com



Re: WTB: nice magnum seat/cover & frame guard



Re: WTB: nice magnum seat/cover & frame guard

dont even care about getting a tank anymore BTW, just need the seat and guard!

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