WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

I just need the wire, with those two unique fittings on each end!

Thought i could unscrew the starter cable from the engine before splitting the case...wrong. Once inside, turns out I nearly snapped the 2-3 inch internal wire that goes from the funky starter wire screw to the large plastic (really puch plastic?) bearing like starter piece!

I would also consider buying a new ZA50 starter clutch, unless its easy to superglue some cork to the angled small rim (doesn't look easy).

Whos got a dead za50s with these good parts still in it?

WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

i have a za50 block no porting done has all the starting assembly an the magneto with all the wires points are there but condenser isnt 40 dollers

WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

I'm hoping to get just the wire piece, not a parts engine.

Would also consider buying a starter clutch for a ZA50 too.


Does anybody have any experience with this mysterious ZA50 cable from treats?


Will this connect directly to the plastic starter piece like poster below the product suggests?

WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

oo haha sry i read your post wrong

WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

I'll consider your engine if no other options exist. Is the piece I am after intact? How about the condition of the cork on the starter clutch?

WTB ZA50 internal wire to starter

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