Cheap ZA50

I bought this, cleaned it up, took the oil pump off, and then decided I didn't need it because I rebuilt my original ZA50. I have the original head, cylinder, and piston if you want them, but I did not bother cleaning them up. If you want those too, just ask.

It's missing some things:

1. Case bolts on the transmission cover. I put one in to hold it in place, but you'll need to find bolts that fit.

2. The oil pump is off of it (see pic). It was junked anyways.

3. The stator is inside the fly, but is missing the two little bolts that hold in in place.

4. Needs a woodruff key. You can easily find one at McMaster

Other than that, it is ready to go. It spins nicely, is clean, and will run well.



Re: Cheap ZA50

Transmission side view. Note bolts missing.


Re: Cheap ZA50

Oil pump off. Fill that with J-B weld!


Re: Cheap ZA50

Want...what's your Paypal?

Re: Cheap ZA50

Hey Chris,

My paypal is

(Same as my email)

Re: Cheap ZA50

PayPal buckz sent! Shoot me a tracking # after you ship.


Re: Cheap ZA50

Ha - record sale?

less than 20 min on the B/S? Awesome.

Yo - get those sidecovers up!

Re: Cheap ZA50

Try 6 minutes...

Re: Cheap ZA50

Fast shipping, clean as a whistle and extras I wasn't expecting = awesome

Thanks Dan!

Re: Cheap ZA50

damn, I wish I had seen this, and I could have picked it up too :(

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