FT: Minarelli V1 (complete)

Trade only for now to see what I can get.

I need a complete front Honda MB5 front wheel with the rotor on it.

Pug or Moby go fast parts, Mikuni VM 16, Kits, pipes, Moby or Pug long seats, Pug 103 cafe seat, OEM Pug side cover thumb screws, etc...

Let me know what you got in an email and probably trade at R.I.P.

Re: FT: Minarelli V1 (complete)

hey buddy, im looking to go pick up this junky mobylette 78

the guy read me numbers of the plate but it dint say av 7 i think it said avlc somthing or other i need to call him againa today.

did all the mobys have av7 here in the states?

new to mobys but i dont want to be new anymore,

Re: FT: Minarelli V1 (complete)

M-Tenn Aaron /

Yeah all the Motobecane mopeds have AV7 motors in the states except the Caddy.

Some of the AV7's are not variated like a 40t or a 50.

The 50v is variated and ythe one you want to get. The 40t motor can be swapped out for a variated AV7 for pure awesome.

Bump !!!! I have one offer for the V1 so far. Anyone else have anything for trade ?

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