Garelli VIP exhaust WTB

I want to upgrade my 1980 Garelli VIP2 with the 70cc kit but it has a special connector. I was wondering if anyone had a performance muffler/exhaust that could connect properly with the kit. thanks

example exhaust that works with the kit

this is the 70cc kit

Re: Garelli VIP exhaust WTB

The stock pipe doesn't fit?

Re: Garelli VIP exhaust WTB

the stock exhaust would have to be modded to fit onto the threaded exhaust port. that's why its such a weird exhaust. not to mention i would like to upgrade from the stock exhaust regardless.

Re: Garelli VIP exhaust WTB

can get you this one for $100, email me..


Re: Garelli VIP exhaust WTB

also you will probably discover that the stock exhaust is threaded...

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