Boston: My custom project maxi FS/FT

Looking to sell or trade. I need money...but I'm also feeling like getting a non-puch into my basement. I'd like to get this need for a tomos lx out of my system...but open to other trades potentially. No I won't part or ship.

Pic is 5 or so months old...just to give an idea...will take more pics tomorrow.

19(i forget what year) maxi.

Friend owns master series coatings and sent me some shit to try out. I sealed the tank with it and then, upon realizing how great the stuff was, decided to use it as primer for the frame exterior. Sweet stuff. Then primed with auto primer, then rattle canned brown with industrial/farm equipment paint. I rattle good. Neither tank or frame was in that bad of condition to begin with.

Engine is currently off the frame as I thought I was going to switch some stuff around...but ended up not doing so. Gotta throw kit/pipe back on it. Or you do, depending on if I get the time.

I actually didn't hack the tail on purpose...but whoever had it before me started to do I had to finish it.

Magnum EBR's.

70cc airsal...and I believe a 50cc hi comp head.

16 Sha.

Jammy Pipe

Cool blue shocks off a CB125 (not shown)

Awesome custom seat

New chain tensioner.

New pedals.

(not shown) flat style CEV headlight

New magnum grips (not shown)

Cleaned and lubed chains

Snowflakes with semi-new rubber on them

New lowrise handlebars

New spark line and boot

New fuel line with filter

Plastic plug for the airbox hole

(not shown) controls/throttle/brake left and right controls with the switches built in...I think off a garelli but I can't remember.

Things it currently needs:

Engine throw back on

Chains hooked up

Cables and electrical hooked up

Custom tail light mounted (can give you shit to make onw rhR i was going to do for it...ignore the stock one sitting on it in the photo)


Re: Boston: My custom project maxi FS/FT

found another old pic...sort of...

peekaboo at seats and cb shocks.


Re: Boston: My custom project maxi FS/FT

oh yeah...add new white folding pegs from treats to the list of shit on it.

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