FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

Picked up another bike last week and have gone over quota on number of peds I am "allowed" to stash around the house, so at least one of them has to go....

Really nice cosmetics paint and body and chrome wise, factory bullet headlight and speedo, factory apehanger bars that collar to the forks (not the center post Y style), tank is great outside but fugly inside, all the controls and cabling and wiring are good just needs knarp on the rear brake cable, nice chrome fenders and rims, has the factory 12mm Bing carb for Jawa with the extra wide hood scoop and 12mm intake, turns over nice, low-mile single speed 207 motor and dry clutch, revs out great if you prime it, but isnt holding an idle (im guessing air leak is culprit?), good working spark from stock thyristor and coil units, no side covers, no seat.

Pittsburgh area, local pickup or reasonable delivery area (or plus shipping costs). I know I know, its only a Jawa, its not really "running", its this or its that, but its a mostly complete and mostly clean bike, plenty of potential and I would like to get $150 ~ offers ~ out of it or would trade outright for:

A good used but complete Hobbit Kit and circuit Pipe, or

A rebuilt or clean low-mile running V1 motor with good clutch guts.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

VIN 1980

Miles 477

^ added pix and I found the stock jawa saddle seat pan and foam for this bike also.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

Do you have any way to ship it or carry it part of the way to me? I'm interested in it, but Pennsylvania's a long way.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

im willing to break it down gently to package and ship the most cost effectively available, but thats extra $ based on distance/weight/size

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

obo/trades? bump...

come on man, you know you want a Jawa; everybody's doin it.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

The bikes break down for shipping very nicely. I got one that way from Leo once.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

@ wiffleball

man, i wish i never shipped that 207 to you. i need parts.


great looking bike.

i got 2 just like it

i could use a 3rd.

anyone coming east?

st louis would be a good transfer point.

maybe louisville?

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

for sure that 207 has an air leak.

every old 207 i have gotten running needed new crank seals.

kinda rare to see that Bing SSB 12mm carb with air filter

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

leo ... backatcha email with an offer shipped.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

bump for a good guy....

$200 SHIPPED... Jawa 207/Babetta

OK, so I am having a projects sell-off (The General 5 Star with V1, this Jawa 207, a 505/1D Suburban, maybe more) in order to focus on a handful of family/rally bikes...

Anywhere east of the Mississippi is $200 total includes shipped or even-trade for a good hobbit kit and circuit pipe plus exact shipping cost only.

$200 SHIPPED: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

couple emails back to pending offers, but no absolute commits yet.... I would also consider including this bike with the General Five Star V1 as part of an even swap for a clean/complete/finished/titled/runner for a nice little mild-mannered stepthrough for my wife...

otherwise, will sell with shipping for $200 flat in most of this side of the country (maybe a couple $ more for extended postal zones from PA)

$100 local, ~$200 shipped Jawa 207 complete

so, yup... $100 local pickup

$200 shipped eastern US, or we can talk about shipping other

still want to talk trade for hobbit kit and pipe too

Re: $100 local, ~$200 shipped Jawa 207 complete

bump to buy this jawa AND the sachs suburban with 5051D together for even better prices! no way you say? yes way!

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

ok ok ok $180 shipped this side of the country?

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150


Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

Vlado vlado /

congrats, you are hard worker!

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

Vlado vlado /

who got it?- Leo?

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

yes but technically I've got it until leo forks over the dough when the bikes arrive. Leo is going to be the midwest Jawa headquaters...Soon he will have a garage full of them...probably get rid of his derbi since it doesnt run as well as his jawas.

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

let me know if this guy doesn't pick it up im very interested! Been looking for one for months im in tucson, AZ and can pay for the shipping...

Re: FS/FT... Jawa 207/Babetta $150

hey man

this will be my 4th Jawa 207

got 1/2 a garage full of Jawa so far

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