stuff for sale

14.12 sha 30.00 shipped

more sha pics

mics parts

nc50 seat

Re: stuff for sale

yr price on the fairing...thanks

Re: stuff for sale

e-mail sent

Re: stuff for sale /

what kinda shape is that rear brake light. Need it and the wiring price shipped.

Re: stuff for sale

Would that seat fit on a kinetic tfr?

If so price to 95820?

Re: stuff for sale

the seat will fit anything you make it fit. it`s off of a 82 honda nc50. the seat is leather so you can shoe polish any scuffs. 25.00 + shipping obo

the tail light is in good condition it does have some scratches in the lens. the wiring on this bike is hardwired there is no connectors so i cut it at the beginning of the fender about 2 ft long. 15.00 +shipping obo

i also have a nu battery box w/cover. it`s the small one not the deluxe. 20.00+ shipping

tail light for nc 50 20.00+ shipping

2 rear wheels for a nc 50 1 painted black make offer

1 front wheel fo nc50 w/brake plate make offer

82 nu50 gas tank silver in color w/cock 25.00 +shipping

nu50 kick start parts complete


nu50 wiring harness

2.25x16 tire

front universal brake cable

rear hobbit brake cable

phbg19 sigot mount

vm 20 carb

molossi intake for hobbit

hobbit chamber or something i can hack and weld

320 or 340 mm shocks double eyelet

nu gas tank red preferably. w/cock

Re: stuff for sale

nice hydro forks off of a trac liberty make offer

Re: stuff for sale

prices aren`t firm make me an offer

the trac is also being parted out

Re: stuff for sale

forks and front wheel sold

motor sold pending payment

will trade for urban gas tank, urban ht coil, urban foot peg bracket, urban rear fender x2

Re: stuff for sale

are the rear shocks 300mm? what shape are they in are they stiff or soft?

Re: stuff for sale

rear shocks are gone sold

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