WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

so here's what happened:


and now i need parts. namely i am looking for old-style jawa ignition components... stator, and HT coil. i will also need a headlight bucket headlight, and tail light assembly. everything else, i have in stock.

i have successfully built thyristors in the past, so i am going to order a bunch of parts right now to build several. if anyone needs a new thyristor, maybe we can work out a trade. otherwise, cash works.

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

Shoot me an email if you want to buy a lot of jawa parts.

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

like i said steve i have one of them new style ktf cdi boxes and the stator that goes with it but i think i have an old 1 wire stator too

il give them to ya im sure i have a tail light and headlight bucket for ya too

WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

I have a headlight bucket and speedo, email if you are interested. Maybe a few other things too

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

emailed also (complete nice jawa 207)


Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (interesting story)

I have some Jawa stuff.

I know you didn't mention it, but I have a gas tank too.

Take a look at my fliker site and see if there's anything you can use.


I'm getting ready to add some more stuff today so check back again later if you don;t see what you need.


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