FS:mini mag x (e50)

selling a mini magnum x

has an e50 on it... non kickstart, gotta bump it!

has those neat white side panels

runs great

no rust in tank

located in youngstown ohio

i guess i could ship it since its all mini...

would rather not

email me. cash only please (unless you got a stock running maxi, the mrs would like one of those)

tomtom.blackpipes at g mail dot com

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

ill toss in headlight & taillight too


Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

attached another pic too


Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

uh oh!

sold pending payment! still lining up offers

andy is in first place

ryan is in second

thomas is in third

thats looking at email time stamps

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)


Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

how much you looking to get for it?

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

you got mail

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)


Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)


i will not ship, i will not ship, i will not ship.

i can deliver to up to 2 hours from youngstown for a price

can deliver to columbus also, might be able to get up to toledo/ann arbor (big if and no time soon)

i will definitely trade for a running maxi/newport, e50

can bring to nashville

this thing is a blast, but i dont have any property to enjoy it on... gimme something i can use

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

looking around $250 cash if i have to deliver/meet up

$200 if its picked up from my garage

or trade straight for a maxi/newport with an e50

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

Sucks that you couldn't get it shipped. My buddy is pretty bummed out about this.

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

im pretty bummed out about this too. dude was absolutely amazing through the entire transaction and im real sad i couldnt manage to ship it....

if its not sold by spring break, i'll probably call him and try to figure something out

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

Tom you got mail

Re: FS:mini mag x (e50)

I want it call me

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