engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

Hey everyone, looking for an engine for my 78 batavus regency to replace my M56, cant seem to get it to run good at all, and I have been told this engine isnt worth a crap and will give me headaches. Any ideas on an engine that will fit? maybe a v1? Anyone have a v1 for sale? Thanks

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

a good M56 will run 30mph if it has good crank seals.

if its a leaker it won*t idle right and be a hard starter

prolly be easier to fix your M56 than try to fit a V1 unless

you have done some fabrication before.

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

That is exactly what it does.... I am open for what ever. It is hard to start and then does not idle right. Where would I get seals for this engine? Thanks so much. What else would you do while it is apart?

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

its really not that hard to put a V1 on the M56 frame. i did it all only with a dremel tool. just gotta drill like 4 holes and make a custom rear bracket and your set. keep the original engine mount thats near the front of the motor. and then you should be in business. Those M56s are just useless imho.

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

i beg to differ.

a running M56 is a 30mph moped.

some people just want a stock ped. no surprises there.

the M56 gets a bad rap for no performance parts and it

is also a hard engine to work on. gotta pull the belt and pulley

off to work on the carb.

someone on buy/sell has belts for sale.

drop the engine. dont lose any parts.

split the cases. you need a flywheel puller. heat the cases up too.

seals are standard sizes and readily available.

engine is really compact and well designed.

Batavus is really put together well. high quality.

its been awhile since i last rebuilt a M56.

i had a tool made to turn the collar off of the crank end.

i got tired of trying to whack it off with a hammer and chisel.

for some reason the factory never made this tool available.

makes it alot easier to get the engine apart.

i can also rebuild this for you if you want.

i have the factory engine tools for both the M48 and M56 so

its pretty easy for me.

people dont like Batavus mopeds all that much and no one

seems to ever rebuild these engines.

email me later if you want to go that route.

you would need new crank seals(2), new crank bearings(2)

and maybe 1 or 2 internal bearings. no centercase gasket

on M56 either.

Batavus are like Jawa.

people that bad-mouth them have never owned one long

enough to work on it in depth and find out their little

idiosyncrisys (sp)

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?

leoheyman, your right! Anyone who badmouths a M56 has never tore one apart. If your afraid of messing with your motor buy a junk motor, there are tons out there. Trac used the M56 also. Then tear it down and practice on the junk one rebuilding it.

Re: engine to replace M56 on batavus? maybe v1?


a fellow M56 traveler.

how did you get that notched collar off?

i had a tool made.

easy as pie now.

man, that motor is so small.

small crank

small flywheel

little gears

in my old age i like wrenching more than riding these days

more fulfilling than just riding

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