FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

I know its not a moped. But how many of these have you ever seen?

This is a 1956 Vespa "Ape" Model C.

Vespa never officially imported the "Ape" into the US. The Vespa Ape is the rarest of all Vespa scooters. And this model with the fully enclosed cab is the rarest of them all! There are probably less than a dozen of these in the US.

The Ape is still being produced today in India. But the classic old Vespa/ Piaggio built Ape is a thing of the past.

If you want a rare piece of Vespa history, this is it.

Believe it or not, restored , these machines sell for over $30,000.00 !

I am taking serious offers.



Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

pic #2


Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"



Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

wasn't one of these on american pickers? i hate those guys.

pretty neat!

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

I saw one with the back chopped like a truck.

I think someone could build something a lot better but cool I guess.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Yes the one on Pickers is the most common of any of them. They were built in several configurations. There was a pick up bed, two or three different box beds like this one and there was even a fifth wheel trailer version!

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

campeona del mundo /

i fucking hate american pickers

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

♣Slew Foot♣ /

that is too cool for words...

i crying now, i didn't stay in med. school.

i might have been able to afford it.

i imagine it would make a styling sno-ped

how many peds can you fit in it?

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"


Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

I am seriously offering you a trade for some of my mopeds.

I want that.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

King Drunky JCams /

Why would anybody HATE American Pickers?


A severe case of the party-poopers?

Spear-Heading the Anti-Antique Movement?

President of the No-Smiling-No-Fun-Allegiance?

Have a fear of large, white vans full of cool stuff?

Afflicted with Tiny Wiener Syndrome?

Old motorcycles and gadgets make you MAAAAAD as hell?

Trying to be trendy in reverse?

Like when something is cool, but you are too cool to admit it's cool... And somehow that makes you cooler than the thing that is cool in the first place?

Yeah I think that's it.

A case of the I'm-pretty-cools on lock-down.

American Pickers is fucking rad.

As for the Vespa - Awesome.

Good luck on your sale Ike.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

I like the American pickers, they are living my dream. I sold Mike Wolfe a 1962 Honda 50 3 1/2 years ago before the show was on TV. Still have his business card in my wallet.

I almost traded for an Ape before but decided against it due to space limitations. This one you have makes want to reconsider a trade. Hmmmmmm.........

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

hahaha i wanted one of these ever since watching FLCL

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Awesome for sure, but honestly what do you want for it? Restored $30k... Like this? $5k?

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

i like the things they find. absolutely no jealousy whatsoever.

i just think the guys are total boners.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Will trade for a "mint" Honda Z-50 KO, K1, or K2 hardtail.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Nice Piece Ike.

I hate the two idiots on Pickers. I like the stuff they find.

I dont like that one tall guy that thinks he knows shit about cars when he obviously doesnt. I hate his fake enthusiasm. I hate the face that the other guy spats with the girl who appears to hook them up with deals while they drive around the country in a big mercedes truck kinda trying to convinice people thier shit isnt worth anything.

And I grew up in Essex, Mass , which is the Antique capital of the world so it not that I hate Antiques, or Guys that really like fashion, madonna and Freddie Mercury. I just think those two guys suck.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

I hate those guys just because I live in Iowa and they've ruined my chance of ever finding a restorable Lambretta.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

This thread is not about "Pickers". Whoever likes, or dislikes the show is irrelevant .

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

nice ape.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Haha i was giving you a free bump Ike!

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

back up. did tomtom just drop a fooly cooly reference?

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

good luck with the sale.

that thing is hideous but cool somehow. I think it needs a huge spotlight on the front instead of that wussy headlight.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Can you ride 2 in the cab of one of these?


Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

What color is it originally?white?looks pretty intact.

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Dave Peterson /

I will send you pictures of my two rigid Z50's


Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"

Ike, is that a windmill on the right in the first pic??

Re: FS: Museum Piece, "LOOKY"


Yes, that is an Aermotor windmill built in 1924. I got it a year ago from a farmer up in Germantown.

I worked all summer restoring it and the tower. Got it up in September.

Why did I want a windmill?? Hell if I know?? lol

Also, I had a guy call me from California looking for a part for his P-50. I told him you probably have it. I will get him hooked up with you.



Re: Ike's Windmill!

happy to hear and see that you got your windmill....I vaguely remember you were looking to trade peds or parts for one so that's why i asked.

thanks for pointing CA guy in the right direction

Re: Ike's Windmill!

I wish i could remember the dudes name or email that bought my vespa scooter and ciao for Stupid money. He was a member of the Piaggio family ( i know i spelled that wrong ) and collected these , and we real real quick to flip out 100 dollar bills. Let me go look for him.

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