WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

Looking for a Kinetic Magnum plastic side covers..

I really need the right side, but, a spare set can't hurt.

i know these were rare bikes, and I got two good running ones.. Let me know..


Re: WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

Bump Bump.. in case anybody logs on that hasn't been on in a while and does not want to browse 10 pages deep

Re: WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

John Schneider /

Mike, You don't say what year or have a picture.

Almost a must to look for something

I have a new side cover which has RH-1 On the inside of cover.

It also has punch marks for the months and years it will fit.

1990 July -Dec 1991Jan- Dec. except for Jul and Nov.

1992 Jan - may + Sep.

1993 Jan - mar apr jun aug sep

3 push and twist mounts. Kinetic name.

I' send 2 p1ctures of it.

Don't know if pictures loaded.



Re: WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

John Schneider /

2nd picture

Re: WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

John Schneider /

Don' know why the picture is not coming up.

Try again


Re: WTB: Kinetic Magnum Side Covers

John Schneider /

3rd picture


94 Magnum

They only made 1 version of the Magnum's, I think.

That cover WILL fit and is what I am looking for..

I will email direct now.. Thanks!!!

Re: 94 Magnum

got a picture, there is a couple kinetic here that are parts bikes.

picture of side cover.

I need a right side cover. EXACTLY like the picture that John posted...

I emailed him direct, and just waiting.. Look up to posts at that picture.. that is the cover I need.

you have one? what's the price with Shipping to Eastern NC, 27909?

I will be in MD next week

If it makes more sense for me to come see you in MD to pick one up, I will be in the DC/MD area next week. I can come by.

Other than I side cover, I am looking for a kinetic ignition switch with key. Maybe a good Magnum seat, maybe the whole headlight/dash bucket.

Thanks.. email me...

Purchased from John

I have bought a side cover.. No longer need a right side cover.

Thanks!!! but I am looking for other parts... do you have any kinetic parts... headlight buckets, keyed ignition switch.

Thanks John!!!

Thanks John!!!

Got the sidecover.

took it outside to the shop.. cleaned it up, scuffed it up some, and painted it with Truck Bed Coating,,,

installed it,,, and it is GREAT..

Thanks again

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