Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

Moby Speedo Gear

Moby Variator side pedal crank

Moby Mag side pedal crank

Moby stock pulley with working pedal gear

Moby Stock handle bar mounts-goes with complete forks

Moby stock forks-complete with bearings and cups

Moby front fender

14mm bing intake-for E50

Max/pinto shocks

Puch Murray Forks

Maxi front fender

Blue pedals that say honda-fits on any pedal crank

Re: Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

Weak-Ends Tj /

What you see is what you get..nothing more nothing less..

Re: Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

How much for the shocks? Shipped of course... 46205


Re: Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

Weak-Ends Tj /

Jbox..i got an email about the shocks before you asked, but if they don't want then ill email you.

Re: Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

Jbox, I have a Set for ya if you need them cheap, give me an email.

Re: Fow Sell Cheeeeep ?

Weak-Ends Tj /

Did someone hear that bird..."cheap cheap"..

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