Need Honda urban express parts


I just purchased a 1982 honda urban express that needs some parts, I was wondering if anyone has these still and if so, can I work out a package price and combine it all for shipping. If not can you give me your price on each piece

1) I need a rear tire, tube, and rim (if there in good shape, mine is missing spokes)

2) left brake (rear)lever, and cable, I have the mount that is attached to the handle bar but i am missing the lever, spring, and a few little pieces, and the linkage that conect the cable to the brake drum.

3) left front turn signal lense

4) left rear turn signal ( I have the chrome bar)

5) battery cover


I would like to buy all of these pieces if we can work something out that would be great. Thank you for your time.


Need Honda urban express parts

Bikebandit .com may have new parts for you.I bought some stuff for my 1980 Express II from them.

Re: Need Honda urban express parts

I have the turn signals you are looking for - email me you offer including shipping.



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