1978 MAXI for sale in socal

First, let me start off by saying this bike has *the cleanest* tank I have ever seen on a maxi. Look through the filler hole and it looks pristine.

1978 Puch MAXI for sale

Good, reliable stock moped.

Starts up nice.

2hp E50, gone through and sealed.

Rewired with a kill switch and a horn button.

New petcock

Sweet springer seat

Decent paint, some surface rust.

New throttle cable

2.25 tires with tons of tread

Nice spoke rims

Good brakes

Did I mention it has an amazingly clean tank? :D

Only bads:

Left pedal was stripped and welded on (easily replaceable if you don't like the stock pedals)

Forks are blue instead of black.

Located in Southern California (Riverside)



Re: 1978 MAXI for sale in socal

Forgot, it doesn't have a speedo cable.

Re: 1978 MAXI for sale in socal

Nice bike, nice price!

Re: 1978 MAXI for sale in socal

Gotz itz Paperz or Platez?

Re: 1978 MAXI for sale in socal


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