FS Moby 40T frame

Moby 40T frame. it's in pretty good shape, not perfect but not bad at all. has some spray paint on the back rack but should come off easy. big dent on front fender, also missing the stabilizer for the front fender. Will not come with any of the extra stiff like wheel, handlebars, or sprocket/pulley, that will come extra.

Willing to ship but may take a little while to pack up.

Make me an offer on it.


Re: FS Moby 40T frame

another. forgot to mention seat is not for sale either.


Re: FS Moby 40T frame

I will take it for $100 shipped as long as it has a clean uncracked tank.

I don't want anything but the bare frame though. You can keep the whole front end and the rear rack, fender and support arms, it will be easier to ship.

Re: FS Moby 40T frame

just emailed. PM me if its still avail. thanks!

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