WTB more power (puch)

I am a little new to the moped scene and have only just begun to rip apart and restore my 77 pinto. So far i have only mest witht the comstics; paint, ape hangers. i have a puch e50 one speed with a 12mm bing carb. i would like to get a little more power out of it. if there is anyone out there who could suggest a kit carb and pipe i would appreciate it. also if anyone has anything available that would be great. also i need some longer cables because of the ape hangers. particularly clutch and front break. if anyone can help you can get ahold of me at erniehxc@live.com



Re: WTB more power (puch)

- Summerai - Christine L /

Search the wiki section. This

forum is for buy/sell talk.

Re: WTB more power (puch)

yeah and i would like to buy/sell any of the above stated things.....thanks alot ya prick....hope i didnt waste too much of your precious fucking time.

Re: WTB more power (puch)

we have learned not to mess with ernie.

Re: WTB more power (puch)

Recovering gas-a-holic /

ha ha ha

Re: WTB more power (puch)

gb drew what an assface.

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