TTLX part out & lots more

Moving in with my sister next month. Gotta get rid of everything in my basement.

Parting this guy out. 1994 A35. Bought for a friend but he lost interest and I ran out of time and motivation. Has spark. 150 lbs of compression on one ring and a nasty top end. Unfortunately the juggalo who owned this before me stripped the plug thread, so he drilled it out to a ridiculously large size. Bottom end spins free and has plenty of clutch life. Clean tank. Everything on this bike is up for grabs.

Puch stuff:

-freespirit fenders, sidecovers, shocks, various taillights/headlights

MBK stuff:

-forks, racks, fenders, av7 cases, toolbox covers & nuts, swing arms, pulleys, pedal shafts, lots of other things I can't remember

Make offers. I'm in Youngstown if you prefer local pick up. Tradesies? Yes plz. Looking for a Puch top end that isn't a KStar, MBK clutched ER3, MBK performance crank, Puch circuit pipe, 15-17mm PHBG, 70s Honda CB parts. Or good ol' cash money.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

That looks like Yougstown snow.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

CDI or points? How much for the CDI if it has it? Or, how much for the whole bike?

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

points. 94 was the last year before CDI.

send me an email about the whole bike.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

a35 pending

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

A35 sold.

prices to get you motivated:

controls: $15 shipped

del 14.12: $25 shipped

headlight/tail: $15 shipped each

wheels: pending, but $75 shipped

shocks: pending, $15 shipped

seat: $25 shipped

tank: $30 shipped

cool fairing: $10 shipped

anything else/puch/MBK stuff: free. pick it up or pay for shipping.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

Chupacabra Chris /

e-mail sent about controls...

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

if for some reason he doesn't take the controls...i'll take them.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

I may want that carb if I don't get mine from that idiot Funkstuff.

Re: TTLX part out & lots more

mike: message me. i'll give you that thing for super cheap cause of your ordeal.

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