selling freespirit frame

hi guys,

sears freespirit

sanded down to bare metal on most spots

moby 6star rear wheel

spoked front wheel

new handle bars

new stock exhaust

is in pieces bcuz my dad started sanding it but never finished, he shoulda just payed 120$ to sandblast and powdercoat o well maybe you'll do it.

when i bought it, wasnt running got it to run with a borrowed kit then the crank bearing locked up so i have a spare stock crank for it and a spare kit to put it on to have it ready to ride let me know if u want it in pieces as is with or without a kit or you want me to put it together with or with out kit

freespirit as is ($250)

freespirit as is w/kit as is ($300)

freespirit put together ($275)

freespirit put together w/kit ($370)

will post pics later after work

pick up only, may consider delivery depends...

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