WTB: Kinetic cdi

i have a grande that the wiring is torn to shit on

that and im lazy, anyone have a cdi for me?

Re: WTB: Kinetic cdi

Tate in Madison /

I have a whole kinetic engine including CDI and all that.

Re: WTB: Kinetic cdi

all I really need is the cdi, how much shipped

Re: WTB: Kinetic cdi

have what you want. email me for price. need to know exactly what you want, all of it or just coils or reg and box or what?


Re: WTB: Kinetic cdi

if your grande is a deluxe w/ turn signals, plan on replacing the brake switches and the horn. both are opposite on the deluxe (normally open as opposed to normally closed, or vice versa, i can't remember).

Re: WTB: Kinetic cdi

i'll take that voltage regulator.

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