WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

I'm looking to buy an older moped - just to have something to tinker with. I like the look of the late 70s/early 80s Vespa Ciao, Honda PA50, and Puch. I'll probably rebuild the old motor or eventually build a new one with performance parts.

I'm just getting my start in the moped world, and am therefore looking to spend as little as possible (50-200), but this thing also doesn't necessarily have to run.

Re: WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

peds are really hard to find in this area unless you are willing to drive, but...

you can try contacting matty he has a lot of bikes and project bike type deals...

look thru the "people near by" and search bmatty.

we're busy right now with our rally, but he'd be the one to ask

Re: WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

A lot of people are coming down from the north for the NOLA rally though.

might be a good way to get a bike down there.

Re: WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

I've e-mailed him. I appreciate the push in the right direction.

Re: WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

Would it be inappropriate to post in the NOLA Rally forum asking if anyone making the trip down to Louisiana has a moped for sale that could be carried down with them?

Re: WTB: Moped in/near Louisiana

haha. inappropriate on an MA forum?

post away in that form my friend! whatever bumps our thread and gets you a ped!

plus if it gets you to NOLA for the rally all the better!

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