jawa 210 crank needed

took a closer look at my jawa crank. the lower connecting rod bearing is toasted. does anyone have a spare crank or even an engine to harvest? going to try and press out the conrod pin, not sure if that is going to work on my vice.

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

con rod kits are availabe on ebay. 22.00

best to use a 12 ton press for that stuff

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

i only have one NOS one and i need it for my engine but i might be able to dig ya up a used one though

i have another engine to tear down

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

dont have a press. by the time i ship the conrod kit and pay labor for a shop to press it in i could prob have paid for a new complete crank. thanks Jay you da man. let me know how that crank looks if you ever get unburied from all the snow.

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

mopedcrankworks.com - /

Hey jimbo, email me, I may be able to work something out for you.

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

yeah i have it out of the snow thats the bike i pulled the exhaust off i sent you

il prolly tear down the engine tonight and see how the crank looks

Re: jawa 210 crank needed

wow cheapsk8 that is exactly what I need. also might have to try one of those E50 setups you have. noooice.

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