WTB 15.15 SHA

its for a moby so cable choke would be cool....unless lever choke works fine as well in which case I dont give a shit...the less cables the better. anywho I need a fully functioning 15.15 del sooooo himme up on here feel free to shoot me an email with what you have and how much the cheaper the better! I probally check this more then I do email but either or will work.

Re: WTB 15.15 SHA

I have one, believe it's cable choke. Basically new. Email offer and I'll send it out. mike.thomas1@mac.com

Re: WTB 15.15 SHA

I also have a SHA lever choke. Brand new, I have a new intake too if interested. Shoot me an email mrdavidwho@gmail.com

Re: WTB 15.15 SHA

Hey, I'm also looking for this carb, Don't want to steal any of your bites, but shoot me an email if you have one, as long as troy already got his. Email me or hit up this post and I'll email ya!

Re: WTB 15.15 SHA

I have two. One click and one cable. But I'm only interested in trades, you got anything cool? I need: 103 crank, Vespa crank, nice controls, performance puch stuff and other stuff. I can add money to the carb if you have something worth more than it.

Both carbs are brand new. One has had gas thru it but never run. Not sure which one.

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