Ninja G3 $125 shipped

Ninja G3 in unused condition. Hardware is all there EXCEPT missing springs and the little thingy that the springs attach to that slips over the ball joint. You could run without springs (bad idea), attach the springs around the cylinder with a long spring, or cut a new plate to attach the springs to. The choice is yours. $135 shipped.

Re: Ninja G3 $125 shipped

Title is mistake, the price is $135 shipped, sorry!

Re: Ninja G3 $125 shipped


I am soo sick of being broke..

Re: Ninja G3 $125 shipped

I'm looking for cash, but would trade + cash for desirable items.

Re: Ninja G3 $125 shipped

This comes with a little spring plate as soon as I find it and ship it to Responsible jon.

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