TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

so in iowa we need titles, and ive always loved ciaos. i wanna trade my untitled Si for a titled ciao. maybe i can throw in some stuff if you feel the trade would be uneven i'm looking for something semi-local and i am NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING ANYWHERE so dont bother asking.

stats: 1980 Vespa Si, hunter green color.

almost all there, both the plastic levers seem to be broken, the seat/foam needs to be re-glued to the pan but its in good shape. taillight lens is missing. all sidecovers in tact and good. engine turns over fine, not getting spark but i havent looked into it much.

heres a pic:

im basically looking for a titled, complete ciao. doesnt necessarily have to be running as long as it wouldnt take much to GET it running. a variated ciao would be ideal! (i used to have one) TITLED is the main thing. i'd throw in money or parts or whatever for a TITLED, RUNNING CIAO. i mean we can work out the details or whatever.

or even i'd trade for something else interesting, doesnt HAVE to be a ciao, i'm just more interested in ciaos than bravos or grandes for the most part. i've always loved them.

lemme know if youre interested and maybe we can work out something.

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

you can't apply for lost title?

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

have mike get a title for you???? its 35bux or there abouts for title And reg out here

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?


Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

you guys dont understand. if i cared i'd either get a title or have a stupid post that was "TRADE SI FOR TITLED SI"

i want a CIAO. i dont give a shit about this Si. well, i do, its cool, but i always wanted a ciao to make a fast.

so yeah


Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

lol nash

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

nash, just move to louisville ;)

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

Nash, just move the fuck out of iowa

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

as soon as spring kicks in im outtie

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

if you were closer, i might consider this, since i already have a ciao. i'm going to set this one up stock-mild-mod anyway (for now) as a spare.

haven't done a thing to it as of yet, and i can get paper on it.

Re: TRADE: Si for titled Ciao?

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