FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama

The red one used to be a runner. I burned the carbon out of the exhaust and picked up 2mph. So I thought, why not clean out the carb and see what that does. Well, it started running wide open on the first kick. So I pulled the carb back out twice and put it back in with the same results. Turns out the throttle cable was pinched. Fixed that and all was well, for a week. The carb started pouring out fuel and it would only run for a few seconds after all the fuel had drained out. The carb came off two more times and now I dont have time to mess with it. It will run 30mph for someone with the time(or an indoor place to work on it). Both odds were run without batteries so the headlights are burned out.

These bikes do not have titles. If so, I would probably take the time to get them running myself.

The black one is missing the left hand controls, handle bars, head and carb. Basically is is a good parts bike.

I'd like to trade for a good running ped that has a title. I would pay a little extra for a good ped or take some boot for something looking a little ratty.

Let me know what you guys or girls are willing to trade.


Re: FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama


Re: FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama

Yo, can I get the rear clutch from one of those bikes or what

Re: FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama

$100.00 for the both of them ? Offer stands threw friday only .

Re: FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama

Rick lemme cop a clutch if you get those Hoo-rides aight? I pay monies. (I secretly smashed a clutch locknut and hub while ressurecting the UE the other night, trying to pop apart my old clutch which apparently didn't NEED locktite to keep it together!)

Re: FT - 2 Urban Express - Alabama

You find another 45 bucks and we got a deal.

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