fs puch parts

-puch techno boss, rivits in the end are comming out- 47 shipped

-e50 without clutch, clutch plate/spring, no stator or magneto the rest is there- 65 shipped

- stock kinda rusty puch exhaust- 25 shipped

-14 mm bing intake - 13 shipped

-maxi head light - 17 shipped

-Ht coil- 10 shipped

-14mm carb body-

everything is pretty much obo. and i am also looking for some parts if u want to trade, such as a tomos a55 top end, cylinder, piston, crank needle bearing.

Re: fs puch parts

Emailed about e50

Re: fs puch parts

emailed on pipe, coil, and possibly light

Re: fs puch parts

Tried e-mailing you no luck, e-mail me back about the parts, tahnks Jerry

Re: fs puch parts

Griffin Applicable /

what's "carb body" mean? no slide or float?

Re: fs puch parts

Did the pipe sell? Whats going on??

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