fs:silverstone exhaust

i have a brand new silverstone exhaust that i dont need since i sold my kit for the engine the exhaust bolts up to a jog,eton and Minarelli engines just let me know what you think of it and if interested


Re: fs:silverstone exhaust

- Summerai - Christine L /

When does the pipe hit?

Re: fs:silverstone exhaust

i dont really know a lot about the exhaust i was going to use it on my motor but here in indiana they are strict about certain things you can do with you mopeds or scooters

Re: fs:silverstone exhaust

You won't find much love for those engines on here bud. Great engines don't get me wrong! But they all belong on scooters, not mopeds. How much was the pipe brand new though? From what I've heard, unless it's a super high quality pipe it doesn't make a big difference compared to the stock one. At least on earlier models like my 2002. Ugly as sin but I will admit they haul ass.

Re: fs:silverstone exhaust

I was told the pipe was priced at $154 new. I don't have any use for it but, I thought someone else might.

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