WTB/T sachs sparta parts

Looking to trade or buy some cheap parts for a Sparta with a sachs 504 ? engine. I need the airbox (with the mount), clutch cable and clutch cover, magneto, woodruff key and magneto cover, headlight, tail light lens and guts.

Have tons of stock moby, puch, batavus, and honda c70/express stuff for trade

Re: WTB/T sachs sparta parts

Spartafoxilover /

Hey mike I have an extra airbox with mount or usually called a stirrup if you don't mind the box being brown you could always clean that off and repaint it whatever color you want sorry no air filter though. I have an extra clutch cover but You will need to order a new filler plug which is only like a buck or so. I have a headlight but I think its burned out do you need the glass or the housing?As for guts what are you looking for exactly?Let me know if you ever need a coil I have like three of em all good. Email me if you are interested I'll let this stuff go cheap because It's taking up space.

Re: WTB/T sachs sparta parts


Re: WTB/T sachs sparta parts

hey i have a 1976 sparta and am in search of the decompression valve. thanks

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There is a a person in Lacey,WA selling a new oem SACHS MOPED Decompression-valve for $36. I have the ULO SUPERMAN TAILLIGHT LENS, headlights for what looklike Kromags and Puch Magnums since they are plastic. What are other items you might need that you did not list? I need as many stock piston rings as you have for many different mopeds. I do not need Batavus piston rings, unless they will work on a model other than the M-48. What all do you have to trade.I have these taillight lens for sale for $18 for new old stock or $5.50 for used. I might have some used metal head lights too.I do not think that the headlights are for your moped, but they should fit your moped.

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