WTT: honda for bat?

so i started this project and have no motivation to finish it, all it needs to run is an intake and carb

im looking for either a running top tank bat or maybe some go fast parts? morini polini kit maybe? open to all trades

it is the bottom end off of a urban express nu50 delux with a 65 metra kit, which ran when i switched frames

the good

gates belt+stock belt

65cc metra kit


stock head

kick start

oil injection still there, with the stock carb its tuned to run with the proma pipe, not the one in the picture but rather this pipe


back brake works

not pictured

those bars laying on the ground are welded up

has a step threw jawa tank welded up as well

the bad

needs a carb/intake, i was going to use a vm20 carb with a weakends intake

no front brake

no controls

no lights


Re: WTT: honda for bat?

ignore this post sorry

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