WTB 17" Puch Snowflakes

Need a 17" PUCH Snowflake wheel set. I don't care if they have brake plates, axles, bearings... I'll take them bare naked. I have a set and each wheel has a crack so I can use the innards from those....

As long as you don't sell me a cracked set-let's make a deal.

Also, I don't care about paint or other seemingly useless aesthetics.

Email me.

Re: WTB 17" Puch Snowflakes

I have a set of bare bones puch snowflakes that I am not using, I'll take 75 + shipping or if you are swinging by the bay area you can pick them up.

Re: WTB 17" Puch Snowflakes

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

I have a complete set I would trade for good condition magnum spokes.

Re: WTB 17" Puch Snowflakes

dan henkleman /

I have a nice clean set with new 12 mm rear axle, good breaks, and gazelles 2.25 in decent shape.

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