FA-50 FT

I'd like to trade my FA50 for an urban express if anyone has one. get at me. The FA is complete and running has euro gastank with gas guage. I just have no desire to do anything to this bike.

Re: FA-50 FT

I have one Urban that needs a little TLC and another that is a parts bike. I live in Cullman, AL. If you have a title, I'd meet halfway for an even swap.

I'll post a picture up of the good Urban in a second.

Re: FA-50 FT

Fuel pours out of the carb. I haven't figured it out yet.


Re: FA-50 FT

i'll see if i can dig it up but thats pretty much exactly what im looking for. i'll email you when i find it.

Re: FA-50 FT

have you tried installing a new float needle? my express started leaking fuel out of the carb at some point and i found that the rubber tip on the float needle was worn out

Re: FA-50 FT

To be honest....I can't say that there is any rubber on it. Though I haven't had it apart in a while

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