WTB: puch complete 17" 3 star wheels

so yeah, looking for 2 complete 17" 3 stars for my maxi, anyone got some extra that they want to sell? i'd rather buy from someone on MA for a little less than what treats is charging for a set of used ones... thanks in advance!

Re: WTB: puch complete 17" 3 star wheels

Yo, 3 star mags for a puch are 16" dog



I've got a set like the first ones...for less than treats...complete

Re: WTB: puch complete 17" 3 star wheels

well how much are you thinking for that powdercoated set of 17"s you mentioned... i know you probably dont want to be low-balled on the price, but i'm only looking to spend around 170 tops, cuz i still gotta buy some sava's as well as some other stuff for the bike, i might just hold off on these for a little bit, but i wanted to see what other ppl had so i could shop around to get the best price/value combo. lemme know kev..

plus, i'm not sure how 16's would ride on a maxi, any experience? 16s seem like they'd be way too small for me, and more susceptible to damage via potholes than a 17"... also, in your experience, is it easier to change the tires on mags/ 5stars, than spoked wheels? i kinda want to move away from spoked cuz i like the look of tomos mags/5stars, buti dont like tomos bikes.. i just sold one with 16s cuz im a puch guy and didnt feel like fixing it... im rambling now,,, later.

Re: WTB: puch complete 17" 3 star wheels

Yeah I'm planning on using the powdercoated set on my mag. So I probably wont sell those

16" wheels arent that different than 17"'s you probably wont even be able to tell...as far as potholes and ride feel. They arent really any different than 17's but they do look slightly smaller on the bike, barely noticable in my opinion.

I still have the other wheels we discussed...hit me up in email if you want more info or other advice.

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