want to buy this!

whos got it?

Re: want to buy this!

what motor mounts to that?

Re: want to buy this!

That's a Honda cb125 frame.

I have one sitting in my living room right now, paint stripped ready for primer if you want it. I'd take $50...but not sure how much shipping would be. It's kinda bulky to ship.

I'm located in Brooklyn, NY.

The gas tank was hand made and crap. The seat is a cheapo fiberglass one from ebay. Wheels are stock 1.4" wide 36 spoke honda and stock cb125 disk brake that was mechanical and not hydraulic. The stock small drum brakes could stop better than it, they were purely a marketing thing to say it had a disk.

The builder of this had a thread going on do the ton, or caferacer a year or so ago.

Larry -

Re: want to buy this!

It astounds me that so many people pick such a dull bike to cafe out. Pick a better foundation...

Re: want to buy this!

yea that whole project is sold. there are a couple people on here selling better starting small cafe bike projects that guy was in georgia anyway.

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i like the way small cc cbs look cafed out...especially if they have the long style tanks...lawrence emailed ya

Re: want to buy this!

Re: want to buy this!

That orange bike is kinda funny...it's a decent "cafe racer" I guess. I just personally can't stand it when people buy a low seat, and put clubman bars on a bike and call it a cafe racer, without doing anything to the engine, or putting rearsets on there. The whole 'cafe' build market has gone insane in the past few years and just have been flooded by shit builds and new riders building low quality bikes with ebay parts.

I say it's funny, because it's a combination you don't see everyday.

It's a cb350 twin I'm pretty sure, with Bultaco TSS roadrace fiberglass tank and seat from Airtech-Streamlining probably. It has the twin leading shoe front drum..but theres something kinda strange to me about the exhaust tubing diameter size and it's got the older style front forks, so it could be a 175 possibly. Not too positive on that one...the exhaust size just seems a few mm too small to be a 350-twin.

If this is the kind of bike you're going for....visit caferacer.net

A lot of vintage race guys there who don't build poser cafe looking bikes. For that kind...go to dotheton.com

Re: want to buy this!

Timmy Southpark /

I thought cafe racers were kind of a "home-fix" kind of bike anyway. Who cares what a couple of guys define as a cafe-racer as long as your building a bike that you enjoy.

And dont hate on cb125 cafe bikes... after all why the hell do any of else deal with mopeds knowing they are so limited? It is probably because they are cheap and most of us are broke.

really, the bikes that started out as cafe racers were like nortons, yamaha rds, etc... all high dollar bikes now. Older small hondas for the most part are dirt cheap. I can overhaul a cb125 engine for under $100... cant do that to anything british for that cheap.

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