Trade target rifles for Puchs

not sure what kind of replies i will get on this site but... I have a CZ-452 Target rifle in .22LR. stainless with a forged reciever, very nice high quality .22LR target rifle. bi-pod and 3-9x scope. this rifle can hit golf balls at 75 yards all day with standard production ammo. accurate @100 yards with target grade ammo.

Also a Savage M93 heavy barrel .17HMR with bi-pod and 4-12x scope. this one is new not even sighted in yet. should be very accurate past 100 yards.

i am looking to trade the CZ for a Puch step threw or J.C. Penney Pinto/Swinger. the Savage i would trade for a Puch Magnum.


Trade target rifles for Puchs

I also have a Russian M91 Infantry rifle i would trade for a puch. early 1890s French Chatellerault reciever, rebuilt in 1917 in Sestroryetsk Russia. has pre 1908 stock and correct sights. It was given to Romania after WW1 and was stored there untill probably the 1990s when it was imported to the U.S. 7.62x54Rmm.

Re: Trade target rifles for Puchs

woah you're in ypsi

would trade you a peugeot 103 for an anschutz with iron sights. but ah, not likely to happen.

reminds me of my michigan rifle team days.

Re: Trade target rifles for Puchs

Hah i am sure you would!

i used to work at a machine shop in Ann Arbor too. near the airport.

Re: Trade target rifles for Puchs

funnyyy my moped workspace is down by the airport. nice flat roads 4 blasting!

Re: Trade target rifles for Puchs

rim fire rifles are gone!

still have a bunch of ww2 Russian infantry rifles/carbines and a ww1 rifle. any interest please let me know!

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