peugeot crank

anybody have a crank for a peugeot 103

i went to set the timing then noticed someone broke the threads off

Re: peugeot crank

103 what? variated or not, cdi or not large or small taper

I think I should have one of each here

got a few race cranks also small taper points ones

Re: peugeot crank

its actually a 1982 TSM but all stock

Re: peugeot crank

You should just give it to me so I can put that Husqvarna 125cc top end on it.

Re: peugeot crank

shut up paul you cant have it

Re: peugeot crank

Yeah I got one mopedjay.

I can probably bring it up to you on Tuesday.

Re: peugeot crank

awesome aaron

that would be great

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