WTB: tomos a35 complete motor

anyways.. i have some tomos parts laying around as well as an old old puch that we attempted to ressurect and had no luck... sat outside for a retarded long time, the whole inside of the engine case is muddy and shit.

with the tomos parts i have laying around i wanna create something like 1977 did with their jcpenny slimer.... welding on a mount for the a35 and using tomos wheels. im looking for cheap forks that work too

if anyone gutted a tomos and somehow has a complete a35 layin around, or even tomos forks let me know

Re: WTB: tomos a35 complete motor

i have a complete 94 tomos sprint i am parting out or selling whole its like new 464 miles rod is hit i have a post for it give me a call or email me

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