FS: AV7 Parmakit (new) $100


Never installed AV7 Parmakit, bought it a few months back. I ended up going the AV10 route.

Cylinder (never put it on a bike it but pushed the piston around a few times by hand).


Piston with rings.

Wrist pin.

Missing one circlip.

1 Exhaust gasket

1 head gasket.

No base gasket.

$100 shipped incl. delivery confirmation.

Head not included, but I'll throw in a new 70cc high comp head (no decomp) for $25.

Re: FS: AV7 Parmakit (new) $100

Oh yeah. 1t's 70cc not 50cc.

Re: FS: AV7 Parmakit (new) $100


Re: FS: AV7 Parmakit (new) $100

campeona del mundo /

i wanna see that lc av10!

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