FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

it needs an engine and to be put back together

in pieces right now but i have all the parts and will ship

yall know what a DiBlasi looks like

make me an offer on the damn thing

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

NOW you tell me. Kripes!

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

You should put that dirtbike rear end up..

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

theres a bunch of shit i gutta sell im runnin outta room and money

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

What's a diblasi look like?

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

if ya got every thing.. ill throw you $100

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

Wait, wouldn't dave Love this for his mini moped collection?

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

dave only likes nice bikes not crappy ones

i have all the parts for the frame including the hardware

i dont have the lights but they were just regular cev lights

i took it all apart cause it was kind of hard to fold and unfold so i was gonna replace all the hardware with stainless and grease all the fold points also i was gonna paint it olive drab so it looks like a paratrooper bike

theres no engine and i cut the engine mounts off which doesnt matter cause nobody would want a shitty diblasi engine on it anyway

i bought a little lifan 2.5hp 4 stroke for it but its like 1'' too tall so that didnt work oh well il put that engine on my rototiller

then i was thinking one of them chinese 2 stroke bike engines would be perfect but i cant afford one so it sits

the other problem i had with it is its 2.5x8 tires are impossible to find there is no diblasi distributor in USA anymore and the European distributor said they dont stock the tires

the new bikes use regular 4.10-3.50-6 wheels those tires are cheap and common so i was gonna get that size wheel for it

i can care less if i sell it or not cause right now its in a box on a shelf so its not in the way

i figured someone else might like an odd bike to play with

Re: FS 1981 DiBlasi R7 project

it doesnt look like this anymore i cut the rack off the back and no more pulley on there for the variator and its in pieces

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