WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

hey im looking for preferably ebr forks for my vespa ciao, i dont trust the stock ciao forks with that weird shock in the front

i have lots o parts to trade or straight cash if that is what you want!

Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

I have a brand new set im looking to get rid of... $110 shipped... They look like the ones linked...


Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

i can do that

email sent

Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

i put a hobbit fork and front wheel on mine. got the idea from graham motzing. they are the perfect size. all i needed to do to make it fit was use the crown race from the hobbit, the rest of the headset parts from the ciao, and a top nut from a grande (or other bike w/ deeper nut). i got generic headlight ears from treats. if you can live w/ out a speedo, this is the way to go (although maybe you can hool one up). 1000% better than stock, and alot cheaper and less hassle to install than an EBR. plus, it will make an otherwise clean, stock bike look like you threw it together out of spare parts, and people will be less likely to steal it.


Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

you'll also need to use a different set of bars and make a new horn mount (i used the hobbit horn and flipped the bracket around so it's offset to clear the headset lock. it is inaudible w/ the lights on due to the bigger draw, though).

sorry for the thread jack. just trying to help, and i've had alot of coffee.

Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

bravo forks, rumored you can even maxi ebrs, contact treats, they'll help you.

Re: WTB: Vespa ebr's/non ciao forks

thanks for the tip! i like the idea but just like your bike mine is blue, id like to keep it looking nice, those ebr forks are all shinny and will look better then hobbit forks

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