WTB: 6V DC Voltage Regulator

All. I'm looking to tone-down the voltage on my honda express moped. Since I installed a 70cc kit from stock 49cc, I have grown leaps and bounds in voltage. My battery isn't cutting as a voltage regulator and I am blowing through light bulbs. I am looking to put a 6 volt voltage regulator on the system.

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Re: WTB: 6V DC Voltage Regulator

Use 12v bulbs.

Re: WTB: 6V DC Voltage Regulator

i got a brand spankin new 6v battery that i bought but never used its charged and all ready to go still in the box

Re: WTB: 6V DC Voltage Regulator

what i did on my Honda was install a ac regulator in front of the rectifier solved my blowing headlight problem. 13.00 at treats

Re: WTB: 6V DC Voltage Regulator

What Sam said. The tailight is easy of course, the head light

is harder. I used a 12v utility light I got at the auto parts store.

People use them for back up lights on large trucks and dirt

equpment. They come with a weatherproof rubber housing and a mounting swivil, but you just squeeze it and the bulb pops right out. The size is just right for the stock bucket.

No high/low beam though.

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