FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/IL/OH

I really love this vespa but I bought it with the intentions of my girlfriend riding it. It's a bit heavy for her so I'm considering selling it. It's a grande, possibly a deluxe, not sure on that, it had turn signals when I got it but i took them off (i think signals indicates the deluxe part, could be wrong, doesnt really matter)

It runs like a top, only has 750 miles on it, has front and rear variator pulleys, cruises at 30mph with TWO people on it, her and I rode around all fall doubles, with a wine crate on the back storage rack. that was before i modified stock pipe and turned it into a super stock ripper, isnt very loud but boosted the pick up some, that plus the upjetted carb worked out to some power

aside from the jet and exhaust, it's all stock. headlight and tail light work great, brake like comes on good, starts every time, just rode it the other day on ice covered roads in 13 degree weather. Tank insides are clllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaannn

It's missing a couple things and in my opinion needs a good cleaning and polishing, the side belt/chain covers are missing, but you can source them all over the internet, one of the side pouches is missing the cover so i took it off completely, it comes with the ped obviously. also missing the top cover that goes over the gas tank, all misc small items of no real importance, but it's the details that matter to some people. BUT! does still have the complete, never used, tool kit, still on the bottom side of the seat. this ped all around is really clean, under the dust that is.

Price is $550 willing to deliver within 100 miles of southbend indiana (google it!)

Like I said, i dont have to, nor do i really want to sell it, but that's the price im willing to let her go for.

I can/will post more pictures later

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

are you looking for any trades?

kitted newport maybe?

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I



Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

It's tempting but if I had to trade I'd probably be looking in the tomos area. I'd probably be down if yours had mags on it, I dig those peds.

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

I'm here in Michigan and have a Minty Tomos Silver Bullet I'm actually looking to sell (done with Tomos for now), black mag rims, great paint, only about 370 miles on it! email me if it's easier for you.

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

Shot you an email.

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

Last bump for cash offers before i wind up trading this for something....

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

Shane Antisocialite /

I have buzzed around on this ped and it is like riding a stick of butter across a greased baby. Or something. Smoooooooth!

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

if you got that speed off the stock speedo it's might be a little generous. i GPSed mine and the speedometer was over five miles an hour faster than my real speed! not to say they aren't one of the best bikes out there, my grande does top out at about the same speed with doubles as it does with just me.

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

I've GPS'd it...

Thinking about keeping this, been getting offers from a bunch of flakers.

Re: FS: 1979 Vespa Piaggio Grande (Deluxe?)IN/MI/I

bumps for a good guy, worth every penny!

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