1980 Magnum project

Don't want to sell, but need money for medical bills.

I never got this one done. It's not far away from running just never had the cash to finish it up.


1980 Magnum II

Powder coated cardinal black frame, swing arm and forks

New kickstand, new return spring.

Very nice original Magnum seat.

Magnum 1 piece levers and controls

Brand new low bars, cut to fit perfect

Nice magnum tank. Had a dent but fixed right with minimal filler.

(dent was pulled with a stud gun and slide hammer, and good rage filler used) Currently in white primer. This tank was stripped to the metal.

Nice side covers and trunk, also stripped and in primer. Ready to paint.

Puch snowflakes w/ new Hutchinson 17x2.5" GP1's, and new tubes

New gas cap.

New cables.

Wired with all new wire, soldered no junk butt connectors. just need to wire taillight.

E50 with DMP unstuffed crank, new bearings and seals.

Bored and case matched for Metra 80 small port

Treats CDI

Dellorto 19mm race carb and Mike Thomas intake

I have a modified 2 shoe clutch with a brace but its not installed yet.

Engine has never been fired. Was case matched very nicely not a hack job. It needs paint, and a nice pipe and lots of little odds and ends. I was going to paint it Lamborghini tangelo and put a Destroyer pipe on.

I have no Idea what to ask. Make offers I guess? Serious offers please. I have at least $1500 in it that I can think of, If I add it all up way more. I might part if I can't sell it whole. Please don't ask for parts until I decide if I am parting, I won't respond.


Re: 1980 Magnum project

† CH∆D † /

I think thats my old seat. Argh sorry you cant finish it!

Re: 1980 Magnum project

I know, It sucks. I broke my left radius (left arm pretty much) about a month ago and had to have surgery. For one can't ride (titanium plate + 10 screws in my wrist), and second didn't have insurance so I'm looking at around 20K in hospital bills. I'm hoping If I can sell a couple cars and my peds and pay off a good portion of that.

Re: 1980 Magnum project

† CH∆D † /

Jezuz. Dang man. Get well.

Re: 1980 Magnum project

Thanks man, I'm doing good so far

Re: 1980 Magnum project

That sucks, good luck with your sale, you might be able to get more money if you would be willing to ship to CA, the future home of all Magnums.

Re: 1980 Magnum project

Yeah Phil I know shipping would be a pain but we'll see... I honestly hope it doesn't sell and my other bikes sell, and I'm able to keep it somehow. It really has the potential to turn out killer.

That was a blast when you guys were here in Nebraska in November, that needs to happen again!

Re: 1980 Magnum project

Probably Fred /

Man keep your bikes. Set up a payment for your medical bills. 40-50 bucks a month they'll keep off your back or depending how much you make it could be free. The hospital may defer pament

Ckeck online for many ways to lower or remove the bill

You will heal fine. Good luck

Re: 1980 Magnum project


Re: 1980 Magnum project

how much?

Re: 1980 Magnum project

HOw much for the sack of bush lights?

Re: 1980 Magnum project

hey, that's some of my old bike i think! looks good man.

Re: 1980 Magnum project

I'd like to get $1500... I know it's a lot for a ped that's not done but it's all new parts.

Busch lights: $2.00 per 55 gallon sack. 7 available. Hurry and get yours today, the local bums have been know to steal my cans before they get turned in!

Chris: Yep this is your old bike. Little different now huh!

Re: 1980 Magnum project

declare your self bankrupt and keep the peds

Re: 1980 Magnum project

ill take the frame, tank, swingarm, and seat if u sellin

Re: 1980 Magnum project

Sale pending...

Re: 1980 Magnum project

I would love to offer you the 1500 your asking, if I had it...

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